Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Calm After The Storm

Hearing the diagnosis of "you have breast cancer" was something I never saw coming.  I even remember thinking at times that would be something I would never have to face.   How closed minded can one actually be????  Really?!

After a routine mammogram showed an area of concern in my left breast, my life was quickly turned upside down.  I found myself in the eye of the storm....a raging storm that I would weather for months.  There were days when the clouds were dark and dreary but I tried to never lose site of my blessings.  My blessings are what gave me all I needed (and then some) to make it through!

One of the things that I have learned most from "my storm" was how much it changed me as a person.  I found strength and courage inside that I never knew existed. I found a sense of self that I cherish. I like the "new" me as I have a new respect for myself and my life.

So,  when future storms come rolling in (and they will).  I plan to put on my rain boots and dance in the rain.  I promise myself to always, always look for rainbows.  They're ALWAYS out there and well worth waiting for.  I'll also remember we all have our storms in life, some are Spring showers and others are hurricanes. However, they always pass.....everything always does.

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  1. Della, A diagnosis of cancer is the most life disrupting news anyone can receive. I sat there like a blank, I was not that surprised because of the suspicions from the previous nights ultra sound. I never imagined that there could be a threat to my life. I'd have surgery wear a pink ribbon walk or run gather money and I'd be back to normal. That is really living in denial I think! I am strong I can be hard as nails, some used to call me the "Ice Queen" but I can cave in an instant have a meltdown retrench into myself till I work things out in my head. I'm a survivor I land on my feet most every time. This has changed me. I am still tough, but I find I need a hug a little more often than I used to.... I'm afraid of thunder storms.....