Friday, June 17, 2011

Beginning To Blog

So, I finally sat down and set up a blog account; I'm really not sure if this is something I will enjoy and pursue but at least I have taken the first steps. I have always kept journals and enjoyed writing; however, in the past, it has always been a very private part of my life.  This, for me, will be like coming out of the closet. I think opening up will be the hardest thing to do. It will be a process but when you think about it, isn't everything in life just that....a process.

I am hopeful blogging will be like a healing balm; as I share my fears and frustrations, I will find a new norm for my life.  However, I know deep inside the new norm will never be "normal".  My life has now taken on new meaning that I never saw coming! I will forever be looking over my shoulder for that monster that we call breast cancer.

I have  completed the surgeries and chemo; the incisions have healed. My hair has grown out again; although it is now a natural color of salt and pepper. I really like it. I don't mind being gray!  So, now there is my life before cancer (BC) and after cancer (AC).  I look very different than I did only one year ago. I have changed so very much physically, as well as, emotionally. Its amazing what a difference one year can make in our lives.


  1. Dear Della
    Welcome to the blogging world.
    i know when you first begin you often ask yourself what on earth could I write about and who would want to read my rambling rants and blaa blaaas, you know once you begin you soon realize there are people like you going through similar circumstances...You develop friendships. At times we may lose a friend to this stupid disease, we mourn and still there are our friends to give us the support we might be needing. Welcome Dell...

    Love Alli xx

  2. Thanks Alli for your support! I sure do enjoy reading your blog and I'm so happy that I happened upon it!