Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A wren has built a nest in one of my large ferns.  There were three tiny eggs in it; I've been checking it on a regular basis and trying to make sure I don't water near it. Today I looked in and there are the tiniest of baby chicks in there! They must have hatched last night.  When the little bird raised its head and opened its beak, I was in awe at how life happens and how very fragile it really is.

We got another phone call a few weeks ago from our daughter.  I knew when she asked me to put her father on what she had to tell us.  She is pregnant!  I am so happy for the both of them; she wants to be a mother so bad. She had a miscarriage earlier in the year and wanted to get pregnant again right away....and so she did!

One of the greatest miracles of this world is to have a new life growing inside you.  Even though you do everything imaginable to prepare for this new little one, there is no preparing for how it will change your life. You feel love in a way you never did before; it is different from the way you love your spouse or your parents. It takes love to a whole new level.

New life, babies of any kind are so cute.  However, they all grow up.  And then we grow old (if we're fortunate). See, the thing about life is, once we're born, we live our lives and don't usually know how long we have here.....Its a good thing we don't know our destiny. We would worry and try to change the outcome of our life.

My husband is at another funeral this morning; his aunt died of cancer. She was his father's sister.  He shared how he was sorry that he hadn't visited her and spent some time together.  She seemed to be a very special lady he said.  You see, we get so caught up in "living" that we often miss out on the people  that can bring us so much joy and love.  Then, when its over....well, there is no going back.   We can't change the past but we can change how we live the rest of our life.

Life is a continuous cycle. We are born, we live and we die. That's just the way its suppose to be.  I certainly don't know the destiny of the tiny little birds in the nest. I hope they grow and flourish; I hope they fly!  I don't know the destiny of my new little grand child. I know it will be loved and cared for in a wonderful way. 

Today I celebrate new life! Whether its a survivor getting a new chance at life, a new baby chick, or a newborn babe, its all a miracle to me.  Its all to be celebrated. Its all to be rejoiced!  

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