Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have been so very blessed in my life......God has given me so much to enjoy, so much grace and love.
Two of my biggest blessings are my  sisters. I call them sister-friends.  We have had so much fun together. When the three of us are fortunate enough to be spending time together it is a very special time.

We go back into another life.....way back to a time when life was so much simpler, harder but simpler.
We were a family of seven, 3 girls, 2 boys, and mom & dad.  I was the middle child with two younger brothers and two older sisters.  That was a difficult spot to be in!

We've been through so much together....marriages, divorces, pregnancy and childbirth, loss of our brothers and parents.  I reminded them last year that we are more than sisters now; we are our parents, our brothers, and our past all wrapped up together. Our friendship and relationship as sisters is golden.  It is sacred. 

They are exactly two years apart in age. Now that was some real timing on mom and dad's behalf.  When we were very young, mom would often dress them alike.  Then they got older and found their individuality. Next week we'll be celebrating their birthdays. We'll all be together and that's always a special treat.  

My sisters stood by me last year during the most difficult period of my life. They were there for surgery and  chemo, wig shopping and beyond.  We spent time together, we laughed and we cried.   We hugged and we loved our way right through the year.  They understood me when no one else did.  We shared it all.  

After my final surgery and chemo was complete, we went to the beach together.  It was the very first time we've all had a beach vacation together. We'd talked about doing it forever and we finally did!  We had a wonderful time together; we watched the sting rays swim up the beach each morning as we dined on the terrace.   We walked on the beach often holding hands.  We enjoyed some beautiful sunsets.
On our last day, we built a big sandcastle. That was such fun.  I was sore for days from all the hard work. 

So, my dearest sister-friends, as we get ready to celebrate your special days....know that you are so very dear to me.  I love you both with all my heart.  You are two of my greatest blessings.  You are such a huge part of my world.  I am thankful for you and the love and friendship we share.

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