Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Searching For Rainbows

When I was going through chemo, I had these weird rhyming thoughts rambling around in my head.  They were usually positive and uplifting; I think it was my spirit trying to encourage and lift me up. Whatever the reason, they were there. I wrote most of them down and even posted them on my face book page. Some of them were corny but they were a representation of what I was enduring at the time.  One of my favorites went some like this........"Riding the storm, catching a wave, looking for rainbows and blessings to save."

We all do it....searching the sky after a storm looking for those brilliant colors we love so much.  I saw a double rainbow once. I will never forget it! It was in Oldham County on a summers afternoon.  It was breathtaking! ;)

There is another type of rainbow that we experience every day; it is a rainbow of the soul.  You can call them a lot of different things but I call them blessings.  The problem is, we take so many of them for granted.....One day (during chemo) I sat down and made a list of all my blessings. It was very long (30 plus) and I know there were some I probably missed.  It was also very therapeutic.  Its hard to feel depressed and down on your luck when you have so much to be thankful for.

Recently my son shared an experience with me and it was one of those rainbow blessings! He was making a small purchase and the clerk gave him back a $20 instead of a single dollar.  Initially he was thinking...Wow! I could really use this! He was at the crossroads of making an "executive" do the right thing and return the money or pocket it for some extra cash.  He returned the money to the clerk and told him of his error. He said the clerk didn't even say "thank you"!  He was shocked of the lack of appreciation on the clerk's behalf.  I, on the other hand, was thrilled because I knew this spoke volumes of my son's moral values and standards.  My heart was warmed and full of color; I knew in that moment that my son will do just fine in life.  That was a "rainbow moment".

Some days are more challenging than others in finding and recognizing our rainbows. If we have a bad day at work, its more difficult to be thankful for having a job. However, if we can find gratitude in our greatest challenges, it helps us through the valley.   

During my treatment last year, I was so very grateful for my surgeons and oncologist. I made sure they knew it too! I sent them cards telling them how much I appreciated their care and hard work.  Health care professionals don't get this very much. I also sent them cards before my surgery. I wanted them to know that I was totally confident in them and the healing they were bringing to my life.

So, today I'll be searching for rainbows.....looking high and low,
I know they'll be there, wherever I go!

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