Monday, July 18, 2011


Gilda Radner's famous line as Rosa Anna Rose Annadanna was "Its always something".  I think she was onto something there!  It is always something and as we live our life, each day will bring new trials and challenges of its own! The secret is, (I think) to learn to meet these challenges head on, learn and grow from them....this will prepare you for the next!  

My dear mother in law has been dealing with the challenge of being married to a man who is verbally abusive and just downright mean. He is a miserable person and apparently wants everyone else to be as well.  She lost her husband and father of her children almost 25 years ago.  She has been with this "jerk" for 17 years. Its been a long and rocky road.  Well, He  (the jerk ) left her (again) the other day; I'm saying "AMEN"!  She is in the midst of dealing with this crisis when she happens to be the person to discover the body of her brother in law.  He was like a brother to her; she was going over to have coffee with him and as she turned the corner she saw him lying on the ground.  I know it is something she will never get over lose a dear friend and family member to suicide is a tragedy that you cannot find closure in.....but to be the one to discover the body is even more devastating.

My infamous quote last year during my treatment for breast cancer was "It can always be worse."  I reminded myself of this so very often....Though my diagnosis was devastating, I knew there were so many women (and men) that had been handed a much more challenging diagnosis.  I held onto this thought throughout the year. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "It can always be worse"

Often we find ourselves dealing with one crisis and find ourselves right in the middle of something even more devastating.  Our minds and bodies are wonderful in the way that we don't really absorb it all at once.  Little by little we begin to wrap our minds around the event that has turned our world upside down.  We are literally in a state of shock, so to speak.  

Today prayers are going up for all the people who are hurting and locked up inside themselves.....for all the people who have attempted suicide, victims and their families (survivors).  Depression is a horrible disease that can be very difficult to treat;  medication is not always the answer and often escalates the problem.  

We have become a society of thinking a pill can take care of anything and everything.  I am one that absolutely hates taking any kind of medication.  Everything has side effects and risks associated with it....EVERYTHING!  I preach exercise, diet, and stress reduction.  Not that I always live what I preach but I do try....especially after last year!

So, today no matter what situation you might be dealing with; no matter what happens to come your way,  remember, always remember......"IT CAN ALWAYS BE WORSE."

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  1. Della I agree with you... It can always be worse. Last night or was it early this morning I was reading a blog of a Blogging friend who passed away last October. She left three young children a loving husband. She was the kind of woman involved in lives who needed something. Giving of herself freely. She was in Israel we talked about meeting watching a live Opera from a park that has live entertainment. She's gone now I miss her and her funny emails. It could have been worse. I might never had met her......