Friday, December 30, 2011


I simply don't know where the year went! It seems like a few weeks ago we were ringing in the new year of 2011; now already, we are ready to celebrate a brand new year!  Father Time doesn't wait for anything or anybody....he marches to the beat of his own drum. The rhythm changes from day to day but he continues on....

Sometimes we get a harsh reminder, an awakening of sorts that time is so very precious.  We lose someone very close to us or get a potentially terminal diagnosis.  It is emotionally shocking and turns our world upside down.  We are forced to face the unknown which in all actuality, we do each day anyway.  We are forced to reckon with Father Time!

Father Time has brought me much pain, he has brought much joy, he has brought many, many lessons. Father Time has been my greatest teacher.  He has taught me unconditional love, patience, grace, respect, courage, self-awareness, peace, faith and hope.
He has brought me family and friendships that I treasure. He is my friend and not my foe.  

Father Time has taught me that we should enjoy each new day as if it were our last.  I don't always practice this; I get caught up in everyday life just like everyone else.  I am constantly reminding myself to live in the moment.  

When we spend our time worrying about tomorrow and living in the past, it only robs us of the present. It robs us of very precious time. It robs us of the here and now.  

I am ready to take Father Time by the hand and march into 2012. I am ready for abundant blessings like  our new grandchild! I am anticipating travels, nature, friendships, writing. I want to finish a book (and get it published), learn to play some dulcimer!  I am ready for some health and happiness. I am ready for a new job and new opportunities.   I am ready for this new year, each new day and new beginnings.  

2012 HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!

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